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 Soulja Boi vs. Lupe Fiasco

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Soulja Boi vs. Lupe Fiasco Empty
PostSubject: Soulja Boi vs. Lupe Fiasco   Soulja Boi vs. Lupe Fiasco EmptyAugust 4th 2008, 11:33 pm

Nobodysmiling.com : Why do you think artists stopped challenging their fans? Did the labels push for this change or was it a drop off in artistry?

Lupe Fiasco : Naw, niggas started getting rich making dumb ass music! At the end of the day, it's about money. 50 is smart as hell. The nigga's a genius. And you'll hear him talk on the radio and you're more interested in what he's saying on the radio than what he's saying in his music. It's like damn, why don't you say that [beep] in your music? On the radio, he's breaking down the industry; breaking down getting money and all that really, really smart [beep] that niggas really need to hear, but you listen to his records and that [beep] is wild dumb. Why, because the people that he's selling records to want to hear that.

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Soulja Boi vs. Lupe Fiasco
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